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SET OF 5 REUSABLE sanitary pads - for Lochia, heavy menstrual flow or post-partum

SET OF 5 PADS + BAGS: Set of 5 Reusabel XL Pads with a large storage bag. 

LARGE SIZE : their maxi size is designed to provide comfort and anti-leakage security especially during postpartum period and days of heavy menstrual flow.  

ABSORBENT : Reusable Washable Sanitary pads are made of four layers: the first layer that is in contact with the skin is made of Bamboo Charcoal while, the two layers within are made of microfiber absorbent tissue, and the last layer is waterproof.

☆ ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY : By using washable sanitary pads, you are not only saving your money on the long run, but you are also protecting the nature of the chemical waste that disposable towels cause.


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✿ We thought of developing sanitary reusable washable pads for women with an almost hemorrhagic flow and mainly mothers who need it during their stay in the maternity or at home after childbirth.

✿ We also thought of women who have a very intense flow during menstrual periods.

✿ Their large size and protective fins significantly reduce the risk of leakage

✿ Their composition makes them a hygienic, an economical, and an ecological feminine product.

✿ PADS MEASUREMENT : About 15 X 10 inch (39cm length, 26cm width)

✿ BAG MEASUREMENT : About 11,8X7,9 inchm (30 X 20cm)

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