- Chifa - Maternitiy Abaya "asian style"


☆ ASIAN STYLE : This nursing abaya is inspired by various Asian countries, which gives it its unique style.  

☆ PRACTICAL AND MODEST :The nursing abaya has 2 invisible openings on the sides, big enough to put baby to the breast easily. The 2 sides of the dress allow you to breastfeed in all modesty, they hide the intimacy and out of breastfeeding they hide the openings.

⚠️ WARNING : Cherry blossoms are as beautiful as they are delicate. We recommend a gentle hand wash. In case of detachment it will be enough to press it with an iron (without steam and without ironing, just by pressing carefully with a sheet of greaseproof paper).

(see measurements in the description)

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⚠️ Flowers are fragile, washing must be very delicate if you wish to keep them ⚠️

Maternity Abaya "Chifa" Asian Style

✿ Her name could have been Sakura, like the cherry trees whose flowers adorn this nursing abaya. However, I chose to call her Chifa, after the woman who inspired it.

✿ This abaya in natural material (60% cotton 40% polyester) draws its inspiration from the flowery landscapes of Asia. It is embellished with a superb embroidered cherry blossom that will make you travel to the land of the rising sun.

✿ The waistcoat integrated into the dress gives the impression of 2 separate pieces (when there is actually only one).

✿ Breastfeeding becomes easy while remaining modest, discreet and elegant.

✿ For this, you will find a press stud for the top panel and a tie for the inner panel.

✿ The gracefully flared sleeves have a press stud to keep the sleeve at wrist level. This way, there is no risk of your arms being uncovered.

✿ This nursing dress has been designed for events, parties (Eid, aqiqa, weddings,...) but also for meetings between friends.

✿ Outside, so as not to reveal anything of your finery, the abaya Chifa is worn under a jilbab or a long khimar/hijab.

Size Guide :

==> ==> The length of 59 inches (1.50m) from the shoulder to the ground

Size 1 UK size from 6 to 14 (french size 38 to 42), bust circumference: about 44 inches (1m14)

Size 2 UK size from 16 to 20 (french size 44 to 48), bust circumference: about 49 inches (1m24)

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