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SET OF 10 Reusable washable Sanitary PADS 3 sizes - Normal Menstrual Flow

SET OF 10 PADS + THEIR BAG: SET of 10 : Washable Reusable bamboo charcoal sanitary pads with their FREE large storage bag. 

☆ 3 SIZES : Adapt to the evolution of your menstrual cycle.  

ABSORBENT : Reusable Washable Sanitary pads are made of four layers: the first layer that is in contact with the skin is made of Bamboo Charcoal while, the two layers within are made of microfiber absorbent tissue, and the last layer is waterproof.

☆ ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY : By using washable sanitary pads, you are not only saving your money on the long run, but you are also protecting the nature of the chemical waste that disposable towels cause.

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✿ 3 sizes to adapt to the evolution of your menstrual cycle:


3 PADS size S, close to the panty liner, these washable sanitary pads are perfectly suited for light flows at the beginning and end of menstruation or for occasional losses.

4 PADS size M and 3 PADS size L: to adapt as well as possible to your morphology and to the evolution of your flow during your period, from normal flow to heavy flow;

This 10 PADS SET is ideal to start using reusable washable sanitary pads.

✿ Their composition of bamboo charcoal, microfibre and sweater make it an economical and ecological feminine hygiene product! Stop polluting by throwing away chemical towels pads at each cycle that are very harmful to the environment.

✿ The storage bag is coloured to match the PADS.



☆ SIZE S: 18X20cm (7.1 inches X 7.8 inches);

☆ SIZE M: 18X25cm (7.1 inches X 9.8 inches);

☆ SIZE L: 18X30cm (7.1 inches X 11.8 inches);

✿ Measure of the BAG: 30cm X 20cm (11.8 inches X 7.8 inches)

✿ For heavy flow day and night flows and lochia, think of our SET OF 5 REUSABLE sanitary pads - for Lochia, heavy menstrual flow or post-partum XL PADS.

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