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1 Long Piece Maternity Jilbab XL - Extra Large - Breastfeeding and Carrying - Front Opening

EXTRA LARGE: This 1 Long Piece Jilbab is about 78.7" large (2 meters). Comfortable and Mastour; 

MATERNITY: This Jilbab was designed for mothering. It is compatible with ventral carrying and breastfeeding.  

MODEST AND CONVENIENT: The openings have a zipper with 2 sliders to allow the opening to be managed only as needed to best preserve privacy.

NIDHA FRABRIC: Fabric highly appreciated for its fluidity and ventilation; 

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✿ This 1 long piece maternity JILBAB  was designed and conceived by a Muslim mother for Muslim mothers.

✿ Jilbab XL Extra Large about 78.7" large (2 meters) from one wrist to the other.

✿ NIDHA material for more fluidity and softness

✿ It's always complicated when you have an appointment or just want to go for a walk and have a breastfed baby. It is a real source of stress and this jilbab has been created to address this issue. Whether in the park or in the doctor's waiting room, breastfeeding is facilitated and modesty preserved.

✿ The same is true for carrying, this model is completely compatible with ventral carrying, the procedure is simple:


☆ Place your baby in a baby carrier (preferably physiological) or sling;

☆ Put on the jilbab with the opening open;

☆ Pass the triangle between you and the baby so that your child does not come into contact with the zipper;

☆ Done ))

✿ If the baby being carried is breastfed, depending on the carrying system you use, you can even feed him while carrying, simply remove the triangle and put the baby in contact with you.



☆ The jilbab is 2m (78,7") wide, with 5cm (2") elastane cuffs.

☆ The headband is made of elastane fabric (black) for greater comfort.

☆ The zipper has 2 sliders to adjust the opening according to your convenience.

☆ The apron is 40cm wide and 35cm long in the shape of a triangle.

✿ Ideal birth gift for new mothers, very useful for outings or appointments to breastfeed outside more easily. The mother appreciates the convenience and quality of our products, they are always very happy to receive gifts .


Size 1 is suitable for people around 63" (1m60) tall

Size 2 is suitable for people around 65" (1m65) tall

Size 3 is suitable for people around 67" (1m70) tall

Size 4 is suitable for people around 69" (1m75) tall

✿ Take into account that if you use this jilbab for carrying, the front part will go up a little, so if you are between 2 sizes and you plan to wear, do not hesitate to take the size above. Also take into account your build.

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