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Maternity Abaya Butterfly "VERTICAL"

SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES: Our abaya have 5 different sizes in length and width. They are suitable for both small and large sizes. These maternity dresses are used for breastfeeding, and even for carrying the baby (just think that the front may rise when carrying the baby). 

REMOVABLE INTEGRATED APRON: The integrated apron in the shape of a triangle serves to mask the opening and preserve the modesty during the breastfeeding and the baby carrying, it can easily be removed thanks to its snaps. Once the triangle is removed, the Abaya appears to be a normal butterfly dress with a discreet invisible zip on the front.  

AN IDEAL GIFT: Our Abayas are ideal and very popular birth gifts especially for new moms.

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✿ A basic of the collection, our nursing abaya allows to breastfeed in all discretion thanks to its integrated apron.

✿ The apron can be removed if it is no longer needed so that the abaya becomes a simple butterfly abaya also called abaya khaleeji.

✿ The maternity abaya can also be used for carrying the baby. Just take into account that the dress may rise a little on the front. The procedure to follow is simple:


☆ - Put your baby in a baby carrier (preferably physiological) or a baby wrap sling;

☆ Put on the dress with its front apron open;

☆ - Pass the apron between you and your child and you’re done!

✿ This Abaya is the perfect gift for the happiness of a new mother, and while gifts are usually given to the new born babies, the mother will be much more happier that she and her comfort have been taken in consideration too, with a high quality dress adopted to her needs.


SIZE 0 : 52,4 inch length (1,33m) (Shoulder / floor) 63 width (1,60m) + small sleeves de 4 inch (10cm) in black stretch

SIZE 1 : 54,7 inch length (1,39m) (Shoulder / floor) 63 width (1,60m) + small sleeves de 4 inch (10cm) in black stretch

SIZE 2 : 57 inch length (1,45m) (Shoulder / floor) 67 width (1,70m) + small sleeves de 4 inch (10cm) in black stretch

SIZE 3 : 60,2 inch length (1,53m) (Shoulder / floor) 67 width (1,70m) + small sleeves de 4 inch (10cm) in black stretch

SIZE 4 : 63 inch length (1,60m) (Shoulder / floor) 70,9 width (1,80m) + small sleeves de 4 inch (10cm) in black stretch

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Mélanie SIMON


As salam Aleykoum, je suis fan de tes créations. J’ai acheté cette abaya après mon accouchement et franchement je ne regrette pas il est top. La coupe, le tissus et la partie qui peut se détacher vraiment bien pensé. Qu’Allah Vous récompense et fructifie votre commerce.

Umm Souhayl


السلام عليك و رحمة الله و بركاته<br /> j’ai reçu mon colis Allahi barek d’une rapidité je suis super contente <br /> alors que dire sacha avant tout que je suis très très exigeante et difficile depuis que je suis convertie je n’ai jamais été aussi bien dans un jilbeb que les tiens Allahi barek de part ma morphologie assez carré et pas mince je t’ai découverte et plus lâchée si je peux dire ainsi <br /> je n’ai pas encore porter de Abaya et j’ai essayer les tiennes je suis grave contente satisfaite conquise baaraka Allahu fiki pour ton travail ma soeur <br /> j’espère que tu feras des jilbebs ma oukht qu’Allah azzawa jjal fructifie ton commerce

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